Healthy bag

breakfast - lunch - dinner - juice - snacks - dessert

We believe in balance without extremes and know that the foundation for good health is good nutrition. Choose this package if you want to eat a healthy diet from pure ingredients. We warn you:  you can expect less desire for sweet things, more energy during the day and increased leisure time when we take care of your meals!
Includes all meals for the day.

Price: 43.30 € per day -


breakfast - lunch - dinner - juice - snacks

Weight-loss package includes

Breakfast, detox juice, snack, light salad and a soup.  Which will help you lose weight while feeling good. The package is tailored to keep your blood sugar in balance and stimulate digestion. Ideal when you need to shred a few pounds and build up your energy.
Includes all meals for the day. 

Price: 32.50 € per day -

Work bag

lunch - juice - snacks

You have breakfast and dinner at home and we take care of your nutrition for the rest of the day.

Price: 21.90 € per day -

HaPP Reset Bag

2 small juice bottles
1 shot -ginger/ turmeric
1 teatox tea
1 soup
1 small box of salad
1 small box of detox salad

Price: 34.90 € per day -


Juice bag

5 juices

Sometimes you really need a good detox to boost your well being.  You can achieve better balance by drinking our fresh juices for a few days. We recommend to detox for 3-5 days. Our juice bag includes five colorful fruit and vegetable juices, plus fresh tea and gingershot.

Please order detox bag, one day in advance.

Price: 43.90 € per day -