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The purpose of Happ is to introduce to you a more healthy lifestyle

We run an ambitious kitchen and restaurant in Luxembourg

Rue Henri VII, Limpertsberg

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Today's menu -

Friday, 1. July

Zoodles with red & green pesto, topped with parmesan, black olives, sundried tomatos & parsley, option to garlic rosmary chicken

Curried thai red lentil soup with mango, koriander & spring onion topping

Happ salad with carrot, cucumber, mango, avocado, crunchy cashews and spicy almond dressing

Pizza with rocket, spinach, red pesto, vegetables, fruits and nuts

Tonight's menu -

Lentil daal served with brown rice, topped with dates, koriander & salted almonds

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Healthy food can be both beautiful and exciting. We work with you to select a banquet menu tailored to your needs.

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